Perfect partner for your infection management strategy

STIMULAN is a pharmaceutical-grade calcium sulfate that is the perfect partner for your infection management strategy – helping you to improve surgical outcomes and lower overall costs of care.



STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate precision engineered to complement your dead space management and infection management strategies.


  • Approved for placement at an infected site ¹

  • Uniquely engineered through our DRy26™ recrystallization method ²

  • Optimal absorption profile ³⁻⁸

  • May be mixed with antibiotics ¹

  • Predictable elution profile ⁹⁻¹⁰

  • No hydroxyapatite, insoluble impurities or PMMA debris ³⁻⁸

  • Does not cause third body damage ¹¹⁻¹³

  • Does not prevent use in articulating surfaces ¹¹⁻¹³

  • Does not act as a nidus for infection ³⁻⁸

  • Low levels of drainage ¹⁴


Quickly and easily fill medullary canals

S T I M U L A N Bullet Mat and Introducer

Streamlined, flexible design that simplifies the delivery of S T I M U L A N , into the medullary canal – more efficiently and cost-effectively than using paste.

STIMULAN Bullet Mat and Introducer Antibiotic Carrier