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Hip Arthroscopy


As an orthopedic and trauma surgeon, managing infections is a constant challenge. Extended recovery times and revision surgeries or loss of limbs or even life – the consequences of infections are far-reaching. Beat infections with the effective and completely absorbable and biocompatible solution from Biocomposites: STIMULAN®. The Calcium Sulphate-based bone and soft tissue void filler effectively delivers antibiotics to the site of injury or infection, preventing the spread of infection and promoting healing. STIMULAN® is your perfect partner for local infection management. 


STIMULAN® is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier – specifically designed to support the proactive management of dead space and surgical site infection with unrivaled flexibility and the broadest surgical application.

STIMULAN® is the only calcium matrix approved to be used in bone and soft tissue, to be mixed with your preferred antibiotics creating a favorable environment for bone healing while releasing antibiotics directly to the site of infection.

STIMULAN® is available in a variety of shapes to suit different clinical needs and is indicated for use in a range of orthopedic procedures including trauma, revision arthroplasty, and spinal surgery.


Choose STIMULAN® for effective infection management and accelerated bone healing.

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Key Features STIMULAN®

STIMULAN® is a highly effective bone and soft tissue void filler that offers several key features, including:

DELIVERY – Antibiotics carrier

STIMULAN® can deliver high levels of antibiotics directly to the site of infection, helping to prevent the spread of infection and promote healing.

ABSORBENCY – Bone regeneration

Beads, bullets, or paste - STIMULAN absorbs completely at an optimal rate during the healing process and is a bone graft substitute for bone regeneration


APPLICATION Simple and fast to use

STIMULAN® is prepared in a few minutes and is highly effective in a range of orthopedic applications including chronic osteomyelitis, trauma, revision arthroplasty, spinal surgery, and diabetic foot.



  • Flexibility to tailor antibiotic to clinical needs

  • Proven action against biofilms

  • Fast preparation

  • No exothermic reaction

  • Predictable, supra-therapeutic elution profile

  • No third-body damage



  • Long-term infection treatment

  • Local infection treatment

  • Low levels of drainage



  • No HA, insoluble impurities, or PMMA debris

  • Physiological pH



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