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As an orthopaedic surgeon, your main focus is on healing your patients without causing additional harm. However, bleeding or risk of infection during surgery are common issues that can lead to complications and negatively affect the outcome of your patient. ArthroZheal® is your solution for reducing bleeding and promoting tissue and bone regeneration. Having this valuable tool in your hands enables you to provide the best possible care to your patients.


ArthroZheal® is a platelet-rich fibrin solution with bio-active and biocompatible properties offering synergistic effects for sealing, healing and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones. It is designed to support tissue and bone regeneration and reduce inflammation during orthopaedic surgeries.


ArthroZheal® is suitable for a wide range of orthopaedic procedures, including sports medicine, joint replacements, arthroscopy, spine, and trauma surgeries. It is applied locally using a number of application devices to the surgical site as part of the standard workflow, providing effective pain relief and promoting healing


The Co-Delivery system also enables to deliver stem cells, BMAC, chondrocytes, or antibiotics together. ArthroZheal® is a valuable addition to any orthopaedic surgeon's toolkit.

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Key Features ArthroZheal®

ArthroZheal® is a fully autologous, biocompatible, and bioactive matrix that combines the effects of both fibrin and platelets. Fibrin provides hemostasis and the growth factors in the platelets stimulate tissue regeneration and wound healing; improving and accelerating the regeneration of cartilage, ligaments, meniscus, tendons, and bones.

SEALINGproviding advanced sealing and hemostasis

ArthroZheal® induces immediate polymerization and great adhesion - remaining where applied even on vertical and moist surfaces supporting positioning of grafts. ArthroZheal® improves the control of bleeding and reduces the risk of hemarthrosis and infections.

HEALINGof ligaments, tendons, meniscus, cartilage, and bones

After application, the fibrin matrix releases growth factors over time providing a sustained stimulation of cell proliferation and improving the healing of vascular and avascular structures, osteo- ligamentization, osteointegration and graft maturation.


APPLICATION – easy and accurate to apply

ArthroZheal® is easy to apply even in a water environment and can be used during arthroscopy with saline inside. The number of different application devices enables the surgeons to deliver it in a precise and controlled manner without experiencing a blockage.



  • Accurate and controlled application

  • Instant polymerization

  • Cover up to 200cm2

  • Different application tools

  • Co-delivery of antibiotics and cells



  • Faster rehabilitation

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Combinaison of several techniques in one device

  • Lower Infection risk



  • Faster recovery

  • Lower rates of re-ruptures

  • Lower revision rates

  • No exogenous thrombin

  • No bovine or synthetic components

  • No risk of anaphylactic reaction

1# ArthroZheal in primary ACL
2# ArthroZheal in meniscal repair

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