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Hip Arthroscopy


As an orthopaedic hip surgeon, precision is key. Millimeters matter and minor variations result in far-reaching consequences for your patient.  NAVISWISS HIP® is the solution for you to step up your game. The surgical navigation system provides real-time guidance, allowing for greater accuracy and reducing the risk of errors. With Naviswiss, you perform procedures with even more confidence, knowing that you have the most advanced technology at your fingertips.


Naviswiss HIP is a cutting-edge surgical navigation system designed specifically for hip replacement procedures. It provides real-time guidance during surgery, allowing tracking for cup alignment, leg length and offset for greater precision and accuracy.


The Naviswiss HIP system seamlessly integrates into existing surgical workflows, making it easy for surgeons to use. The product is used in a variety of hip replacement applications, including primary and revision surgeries.


The result is enhanced surgical precision and accuracy, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. 

NAVISWISS Kamera Produktfoto


The miniaturized hand-held hip navigation solution designed and built with Swiss precision. Providing ultimate control and accuracy. The implant is positioned with digital precision and the outcome is easily documented.

SMART – reducing complexity

Hip replacement can be complex. Naviswiss simplifies it by integrating patented technology into a smart and easy-to-use navigation solution. Free line of sight with immediate results.

SMALL – minimally invasive

Navigation is now effortless. Naviswiss is an elegant and cost-effective solution. The system enables a digital minimally invasive surgical technique with miniaturized equipment.


ACCURATE predictable outcome

When precision matters this much, accuracy is everything. Naviswiss empowers surgeons to achieve controlled and documented surgical outcomes with focus on cup alignment, leg length and offset.



  • Greatest accuracy and precision

  • Real-time guidance and tracking of instruments

  • Minimalism & miniaturised

  • Improved confidence in performing surgeries

  • Reduced risk of errors and complications



  • Improved surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the operating room

  • Better utilization of resources and reduced costs in the long run

  • Improved reputation and competitive advantage



  • Greatest accuracy and precision, resulting in better outcomes

  • Reduced risk of complications and infections

  • Shorter recovery time and reduced hospital stay

  • Improved overall quality of life and satisfaction with surgical experience

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