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 Osteotomy planning and execution


Personalized and precise osteotomy

Fine Osteotomy™ is a system intended for osteotomies, treatment of bone and joint deformities, fixation of fractures and malalignment caused by injury or disease, such as osteoarthritis, of the distal femur and proximal tibia

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Sevika Medical AG exclusively distributes products and technologies in the field of Prosthetic Joint Infections in Switzerland. These innovative and clinically proven technologies are developed and manufactured by several partners such as Biocomposites.

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By controlling depth and orientation:

  • Increases safety

  • Helps ensure protection of the posterior neurovascular structures of the knee

  • Maintains a controlled, reproducible osteotomy

Fine Osteotomy™ bietet Ihnen:

  • 3D-Analyse der präoperativen Situation von Patient:innen

  • Design von patientenindividuellen Instrumenten und Platten

  • 3D-gedrucktes Knochenmodell

  • Personalisierte chirurgische Anleitung

  • Personalisierte Plattenlösung

  • Passende Schrauben (Länge und Ausrichtung) für die personalisierte Platte

  • Potenziell signifikante Reduzierung des Strahleneinsatzes im OP

  • Personalisiertes Design, das zu besseren Ergebnissen/Genauigkeit führt

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